Wireless Electricity On The Way

This is a really good and exciting step forward! It really needs and deserves much more attention but it’s too important for me to continue to be silent about.

Imagine a future in which wireless power transfer is feasible: cell phones, household robots, mp3 players, laptop computers and other portable electronics capable of charging themselves without ever being plugged in, freeing us from that final, ubiquitous power wire. Some of these devices might not even need their bulky batteries to operate.


Imagine a world where power can begin to think for itself.

Imagine a world with no more design boundaries, where your imagination isn’t limited by existing energy supply restraints, where power and data flow and all of your electrical devices coexist and communicate freely without traditional load and positioning limitations.

Imagine intelligent wireless power.


There’s a lot of drama and controversy surrounding this because Nikola Tesla clearly envisioned the meshverse with wireless power long ago:

As soon as [the Wardenclyffe facility is] completed, it will be possible for a business man in New York to dictate instructions, and have them instantly appear in type at his office in London or elsewhere. He will be able to call up, from his desk, and talk to any telephone subscriber on the globe, without any change whatever in the existing equipment. An inexpensive instrument, not bigger than a watch, will enable its bearer to hear anywhere, on sea or land, music or song, the speech of a political leader, the address of an eminent man of science, or the sermon of an eloquent clergyman, delivered in some other place, however distant. In the same manner any picture, character, drawing, or print can be transferred from one to another place …

– Nikola Tesla, “The Future of the Wireless Art“, Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony, 1908, pg. 67-71.
Wikipedia: Wardenclyffe Tower

One reason why it needs more attention is that many(most?) sites either don’t mention Tesla or make unreasonable claims about him – conspiracy theories(and the associated passion) abound. It is true that he got raw deals(or worse) from Edison, Morgan and the U.S. government. However, in Tesla’s day the level of systems engineering know-how required to produce and manage a safe(physically and medically) and efficient distributed energy system just didn’t exist. Nor did he appear to have the solutions as he wasn’t able to completely implement his core ideas. As an undergrad student, I was passionate about solving the world’s energy problems with Tesla technologies but today I’m thinking let’s do a lot of really detailed simulations before we starting blasting power through the earth and airwaves – I can reboot my PC, we can’t reboot the earth!

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