Beach Mesh

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Welcome to the Beach of the Future, where high tide meets high-tech.

If this southern New Jersey city’s plans come to fruition next summer, Ocean City would be a place where an electronic wristband can pay for access to the beach, food, drinks and parking, and can even send a text message to a mother’s cell phone if a child strays too far away from her beach chair.

It would be a place where the garbage cans could e-mail the Public Works Department to come empty them, and lifeboats that float away could send signals to help the city track them down.

And people wouldn’t even think about trying to sneak onto the beach without paying: Beach checkers would be able to scan the sands with hand-held devices and instantly know who among that group of 15 people sprawled out on towels and under umbrellas didn’t pay to get onto the beach.

These are among the features of a citywide wireless network Ocean City is planning for next summer that would offer residents free Internet access. Tourists would pay about $6 a day, helping pay for the network.

Beach badges, those plastic or cloth scourges of the Jersey Shore could become a thing of the past if this catches on.

“This is the future,” said Karen Kinloch, a summer resident. “It’s where we’re at right now. It’s probably overdue. It’s kind of antiquated to take a piece of plastic and pin it to your swimsuit.”

APP.COM – Beach tags to give way to wireless wristbands | Asbury Park Press Online



  1. RFID Rhythmeering…

    Although Wal-Mart’s supply chain driven vision of RFID isn’t evolving quite as planned
    That’s not stopping people from coming up with useful implementations for the tiny tags
    Futurismic: RFID – bad for businesses, but great for beaches

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