Connecting The Dots – Part 1

A comment on the recent Gibson’s Blackbox post let me know that Node magazine a blog called node has a series of chapter summaries from William Gibson’s upcoming Spook Country. If you’re a Gibson fan you’ll want to check it out. Upon visiting the Node site I saw this quote from a recent interview with Gibson:

Yeah it’s sort of like there’s this nebulous extended text. Everything is hyperlinked now. Some of it you actually have to type it in to get it, but it’s all hyperlinked. It really changes things. I’m sure a lot of writers haven’t yet realized how it changes things, but I find myself googling everything that goes into the text, and sometimes being led off in a completely different direction.

Across the border to Spook Country: An Interview With William Gibson

along with several other nice bits of info whose trail lead back to things I written here in the MJ and elsewhere. For starters just before the quote above, there’s a link on Node to

If you’ve happened to follow the Electric Language link in Participating In The Big Simulation, you’ve seen Weinberger’s comments on the impact of word processing. I don’t know him, but resonate strongly with some of his writings like many others so it’s nice to have been mentioned on the acknowledgements page with him in The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality. Also quoted on the Electric Language link is David Gelernter who you’ve seen mentioned in Meshverse 101 and other posts here.

This hyperlinking didn’t spring out of nowhere, but was influenced by among other things, the shifts in communication brought on as word processing became commonplace. In the Amazon interview, Gibson notes that he was influenced by the Beat poets, who as I’ve noted elsewhere, influenced the PC revolution and were themselves influenced by the paradigm of jazz. In many ways that influence continues and dots will be soon be connected virtually right here – stay tuned.


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