More Than A Game: Connecting The Dots Part III

Computer games, not scientific visualization, have been driving the design of graphics chips, some of which have more logic circuitry than state-of-the-art microprocessors. Games are also among the biggest drivers of new and creative software.

IEEE Spectrum: Engineering Everquest

Sven over at reBang has valuable insights about this

Not so long ago high-end 3D graphics of the kind those PLM programs are now leveraging was the exclusive domain of U.S. DOD military contracters and a relatively small clique of multi-nationals. It was cutting edge stuff. As recently as seven or eight years ago those of us using the tools could only dream of actually owning them. That is until videogames and the hardware necessary to power them tapped into the mass market and fueled their rapid development; the companies behind them developing so much market muscle they simply swallowed the old guard. As someone interested and involved in both product design and videogame/virtual world modding, I had perhaps a rather unique perspective observing two communities first colliding in competition and then merging.

reBang: Thinking About “Avoiding a Short Shot”

Third Wave


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