Manufacturing, Second Life and Human Capital Development

Design software vendor Autodesk has an entire island all to its lonesome, which makes a lot of sense considering the fact that there is already a 3D modeling application built into the SL user interface. Just as in the real world, it pays to keep a close eye on the competition, and no doubt Autodesk is looking to recruit the brightest 3D designers to its ranks,just as Pontiac recently gave the most talented “virtual car designer” in SL free real estate to set up shop on its Motorati Island.Scenario-based 3D training software, already used successfully for military and law enforcement training, is beginning to take hold in training forklift drivers and warehouse workers. Even your everyday office tasks are gaining extra dimensions — a company called SpaceTime is kicking the Internet browsing experience up a notch with a 3D browser, a beta version of which is available here.Whether in teaching vital skills or teaming of information workers, a virtual platform designed and built like a video game is already like a second home to the workforce of this digital age. By adapting processes and applications that take advantage of this familiarity, smart companies can build recruitment and human capital development strategies that will reach and teach the next generation of employees.

So the long and short of it is that “virtual worlds” already provide something beyond entertainment — it’s up to your company to decide whether to get with the program and reach out to your potential customers, employees, or both.

IndustryWeek : Second Life: What Is It? (And Why Should Manufacturers Care?)


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