The Virtual Is Real: Coldwell Banker Makes It So

Gone are the days of browsing through the newspaper in search of houses on the market. Now, most potential buyers look online and and view slide shows. But soon they’ll be walking virtually through homes and even sneaking a look at what’s in the refrigerator.

That’s what Coldwell Banker is banking on. The real estate firm has created a brightly colored, three-dimensional reproduction of a $3.1 million property on Mercer Island, Wash. in Second Life.

CNN Money




  1. csven said

    Nice. Scale is a little off though; everything seems too tall in that gallery. I should ask around to see if this was, perhaps, an AutoCAD conversion or built from image plans.

    Thanks for calling attention to it.

  2. Laurence said

    I noticed that too along with a few other quirks like the grain on the floor not being oriented the same way but then again every project has budget/time constraints.

    >Thanks for calling attention to it
    I serve at the pleasure of the people 🙂

  3. To take a tour of the virtual home, just visit Coldwell Banker Headquarters within Second Life located in the Ranchero sim (200,250) or search under places for “Coldwell Banker”.

    For the record, design, execution, and ongoing maintenance of the Coldwell Banker presence in Second Life is handled by Code4Software LLC

  4. Laurence said

    Sweet – thanks!

  5. swimfish said

    grain in the floor? come on

    its a first attempt and one that should have the world taking notice. This finally makes a virtual world one that can stand up and be of value to real life beyond just being cool moving pics

  6. lr said

    >grain in the floor? come on
    I can see that on face value it might appear as if I’m nit-picking, but if you read other entries – especially this one posted from in-world, you’ll see that’s not the case at all.

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