Citrix: The Virtual Is Everywhere

Hot on the heels of Tuesday’s VMWare IPO, XenSource the primary competitor to VMWare was snapped up by Citrix which has been positioning itself as a key player in the realm of desktop virtualization software. Citrix president and CEO Mark Templeton believes that the opportunities in the virtualization market are huge and is looking to provide a full spectrum of offerings.

While VMware dominates the market for server virtualization, Citrix thinks most of the virtualization market is untapped today. “This move is not about competing for the 5% of the market that is already being served,” Templeton said in a statement. “It’s about steering into the 90% white space that is wide open, both at the server and in new emerging opportunities at the desktop.”

… Citrix, with its Presentation Server, creates virtual desktop applications on a central server, then allows hundreds or thousands of end users to access those applications on the server instead of at their own desktop.

Citrix also generates desktop applications on a central server and streams them down to end users, where they are run on end users’ machines.

… Citrix also supplies products that allow a blade server in the data center to be dedicated to an end user and function much the same as a powerful computer located in the user’s office.

Adding XenSource to this lineup would give it the opportunity to expand its end user virtualization options and introduce new end user virtual machine management tools.

Information Week: Citrix Buying XenSource To Tap Red-Hot Virtualization Market

Computer resources(both hardware and software) from the desktop to the server are being turned into mobile patterns of zeros and ones. Wherever tangible computers go, the virtual will follow. The very Darwinian evolution of these pools of patterns has been picking up pace over the past few decades and is on a trajectory that is converging with that of humans who are not strictly biological. When you think about a world where the virtual is ubiquitous, the idea that we’re living in a simulation becomes much more plausible.

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