Essential For Virtual World Business

Non-Player Characters or what I’ve called Next Generation Avatars will be required to maintain a strong business presence in the meshverse. More and more folks are picking up on this:

It takes more than a presence to make money on Second Life, van Zyl said. Too many companies have offices or storefronts on Second Life but don’t staff them, he said. “When you walk into this virtual reality there should be a person who greets you and directs you where you need to go,” he said. “It’s absolutely vital that there is human interaction.”

But van Zyl knows that having someone available 24 hours a day to greet residents on Second Life is a tall order for many small firms. That’s why Simuality, together with a Netherlands company, provides trained avatar receptionists for clients. In the case of Khuri’s law practice, van Zyl expects to provide an avatar who can answer questions about the type of legal work provided and understand the preliminary paperwork clients need to complete.

Chicago Tribune: Live help in setting up virtual shop


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