Information Week: Tips for Doing Business In-World

In an article ideal for people who need to get up to speed on the basics, Information Week provides 5 rules for bringing businesses into Second Life:

  1. Do Like Captain Picard Said: Engage
  2. Add Value To Second Life Communities
  3. Don’t Believe The Backlash
  4. Be Smart About Keeping Out Trouble-Makers
  5. Think of Second Life As Beta Technology

The first two are really critical as readers of this blog have heard in the past. I’ve also spoken out about the backlash numerous times. Trouble-makers are not really as big of a problem as they’re made out to be and the article shows why. Information Week also makes the comparison to the web in 1994:

using Second Life is a lot like using the Web in 1993-94: Buggy, slow, and lacking in features. But we could all see the potential.

Likewise, in 14 or so years, we’ll all sit back, share a pint, and reminisce about how clumsy and awkward Second Life was back in the faraway year of 2007. (We’ll share that pint in a virtual pub, of course.)

but I think the numbers show that 14 years is way off because the meshverse is evolving a faster clockspeed. This will become abundantly clear by the end of the year. Second Life is just one part of the meshverse – Croquet is expanding in the corporate world, version 1.0 of Multiverse(which I placed high on Rupert’s list of target aquisitions) has just been released and there are numerous developments I’m aware of which will increase the pace.


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