3D technology As A Universal Language

Dassault, the “see what you mean” folks I mentioned earlier this year, are saying they want everyone from “designers to consumers” to communicate in 3D

Sophisticated technologies tend to be the preserve of experts. Today, Dassault Systèmes wants to break with this tradition and establish 3D technology as a universal language with applications to every walk of life.

The ease-of-use and online accessibility of 3D allow the user to experience building the future according to personal expectations. 3D technology as a media breaks down barriers between today and tomorrow.

Their updated site includes a new video and a fascinating new theory on how the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed. This theory proposes that the construction worked from the inside out using an internal spiral ramp and a system of counterweights. They used 3D technology to analyze the approach and created detailed simulations they claim confirm the theory. A very brief, preliminary look tells me this is a theory worth exploring. One thing they don’t address is the mind-set of the people who would have designed this approach and what information processing methodology they would have used to analyze and confirm the approach. This has long been a favorite topic of mine since engineering school days so I’ll be taking an in-depth look and posting some more after exploring their 3D models.


The load times for this presentation is excruciatingly slow, but once loaded the navigation is pretty smooth. However since it’s broken up into segments you pay the loading penalty each time you go back and forth which makes it hard to take an in-depth look. Even so, the waits are worth it.


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