3D image recognition chip from Fujitsu

In Believe The Hype, I said that the iPhone would be much broader than just telephony because “A single device will be used for everything from household robots, toys and video cameras to sprinkler, entertainment and security systems. “. In the not too distant future, we’ll be using iPod/Touch devices to manage the many robots that will be in our midst given the new chip whose

…  small size and low power consumption making it ideal for small, household robots in addition to those of the larger, more terrifying variety. Apparently, the entire system works in real time, and is said to be five times more efficient in recognizing images than similar system.

Fujitsu announces 3D image recognition chip for robots – Engadget



  1. Khepera said

    This is a significant step in the right direction. A couple of issues back, Cadalyst had an article about the values of visualization, particularly in terms of rendering @ the CAD world. This chip moves us into a bidirectional mode — where visualization & vision now operate effectively in a 3D mode. This is huge! In large part due to the greater viability of pattern recognition in 3D, in wholeness, vs planar image recognition. Looking forward to the unfurling of this region of development.

  2. Khepera said

    left out the Cadalyst link

  3. […] comments on an entry about Fujitsu’s 3D image recognition chip, I came upon this Cadalyst article on visualization which like the commenter, points out the […]

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