The Meshverse Awakens

This non-fictional description of an

on-line simulated world in which users can communicate, play games, go on adventures, fall in love, get married, get divorced, start businesses, found religions, wage wars, protest against them, and experiment with self-government.

isn’t one of Second Life, but rather takes one back in time to a 1991 essay in the book Cyberspace : First Steps- The Lessons on Lucasfilm’s Habitat which describes the 1986 virtual world Habitat. The book has some other notable essays including one on Corporate Virtual Workspaces which recent posts here about business in the meshverse in the MJ reminded me of. While today’s implementations are new, they aren’t the first efforts by a long shot. Brenda Laurel’s Computers as Theatre said virtual worlds are much, much older dating back to ancient Greece and recently in Ancestor Mesh I’ve said they go back even further into ancient Egypt’s Book of Coming Forth By Day, also known as the Book of Becoming Awake.

Habitat took a visual leap beyond the text-based virtual worlds of it’s day known as MUDs and MOOs, but maintained many of the key elements of these worlds particularly with regard to create objects and control their behavior.

... fast forward 21 years …

We’ve got the web and Second Life, World of Warcraft and numerous other virtual worlds, but their populations are miniscule compared to the web

Blayney said the Center had seen 10,000 visitors since its launch, still small compared with IBM’s Web site that has 250 million visitors annually.

Scientific American via Reuters

not to mention the virtual worlds of instant messaging and chat rooms. This disparity is one reason why the boom in virtual property is fast approaching. As it does the Meshverse is awakening and it’s first words are

All Your Page Are Belong To You

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  1. […] via a technology platform called Basal OmniPresence or BOPSpace which we believe will help transform the web into a meshverse by drawing upon ideas rooted in ancient Khem(Egypt according to the Greeks). But merely having virtual places isn’t sufficient for our […]

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