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Yesterday in The Evolution of CAD, I noted that a platform like Croquet is suited for delivering the kind of deep level of integration necessary to make visualization broadly accessible. Today, via Croquet 2 Play we see that Intel is making serious moves towards making this a reality at the high end

“The combination of Miramar and Qwaq Forums will enable information, which is now only available to individual departments or divisions, to be easily accessed and shared across the enterprise, in dynamic unified views,”

Rattner added that Intel envisions the desktop visualization edition of Qwaq Forums could be used to coordinate and enhance productivity among the company’s global workforce.

Qwaq Forums is designed to allow users to establish workflow steps, create or review information in software applications, and evaluate designs in 2-D and 3-D collectively; at the same time, they can discuss topics using built-in text and voice chat.Qwaq Press Release


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  1. Eleanor Wynn said

    For the unofficial but messily fairly complete history of this, see
    it was a long and winding road, but the usage model is definitely well developed from several different dimensions: 1. employee demographics, percent working on virtual teams, percent working on multiple teams, etc. 2. task-switching data gathered by experimental software from Oregon State, called Task Tracer and about to be productized. That showed how much “switching” was actually going on and not supported by 2D desktop. 3. research from Stanford professor Byron Reeves on physiology of display characteristics and also game activities resulting in cognitive “flow”. All of these needs are supported in Miramar/Qwaq.

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