Virtual Goods Summit & The Coming Boom

This past June a group of notable entrepreneurs, VC’s and other tech industry folk got together to talk about the “emerging market opportunities for virtual goods and economies”. Kevin Efrusy of Accel Partners one of the VC investors in Facebook and others really break down the astounding numbers in the Are Virtual Goods the Next Big Business Model? video below:

the full program and video links are available . When you mesh this with the revolution in desktop manufacturing and the coming boom in virtual property you’ll see why you need to prepare yourself.



  1. csven said

    I’d started watching this shortly after it was posted but didn’t finish and forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

    And btw, re: Susan’s question regarding why content producers (and I’m referring here to individuals/modders/etc as opposed to development houses) aren’t more interested, *we* are. But the keyholders aren’t opening the gates. I got into it more in-depth over on BusinessWeek’s design blog for anyone interested:–g.html

  2. […] While the 3D printing services offered by Philips incubated Shapeways are helping to usher in the coming boom, they produce small objects that fit in one’s hand. Using concrete instead of plastic, […]

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