Community Value

Community is the golden goose – everyone from the individual publisher to Google has compelling reasons to build community. Kid Mercury shows that community is central to the next generation of publishing:

Be a community builder. I saved the best for last, folks. The most important element of success in publishing 2.0 is building communities. Don’t rely on property rights; rely on experiences. It is the most important element BY FAR; in fact, all the crap about attention allocation is primarily because that’s one of the best ways to build a community. Also, remember that if you are not competing on the community-building front, you are probably competing on the technology front. Which means you’re competing with Google head-on, trying to attack the behemoth at what they do best.
Now you know I got faith in you, and that I think you can pull out the hero within you to accomplish all your dreams. You know me — I’m rooting for the underdog to become a hero, and I *KNOW* it can be done. But you gotta target the current champ’s weaknesses, not their strengths. (Hint: Google’s weakness = community building).

The New Rules for Publishing 2.0 – Kid Mercury’s Blog

Because collaboration breeds community these and other similar rules are also applicable to software and hardware:

If one looks closely, it’s clear that storytelling is the central nervous system of all business. This is why the GriotVision platform was conceived of – to maximize the ROI of storytelling. The Meshverse is where stories happen, but the GriotVision platform is the foundation upon which the Meshverse is being built.


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