Happy New Year!

What?! We’re almost 3 weeks into the new year and it’s going on a month since the last MJ post! Well, folks, I’ve been busy coding and quite frankly am still reassessing The Meshverse Journal’s role and flow. However, a new dawn is on the product/service horizon so I’ll have to get back into writing mode and besides – I miss my daily MJ fix too! So let’s kick this new year off with an update on what may prove to have been the biggest story I mentioned last year – China and the Coming Boom in Virtual Property.

I was reminded of China by this comment on the Intersection Unlimited blog

no matter what, virtual worlds will be changing the way we think, work, play and purchase products. And it isn’t going to take 10 years to see this, maybe not even two or three.

China’s Virtual World Plans

(NOTE: Intersection Unlimited’s ChatBridge product ROCKS! It’s truly a key meshverse technology – don’t touch that dial!)

There’s a link I hadn’t seen in the above post so I thought I’d take a quick look to see what new developments had occurred. From the horse’s mouth I found:

‘China Virtual Economy District’ creates a wide and whole new platform for traditional enterprises, internet companies and individuals to participate in. This means that the dream of the inter-connection of virtual world with real world will come true, and the new generation of culture originality of CRD is started. Also means that this is a giant step to the promotion of industry infrastructure of Beijing Shijing district.

China Recreation District

GigaOM has been tracking this and just yesterday posted an interesting article on the Chinese government’s mixed signals regarding monitoring and controlling virtual currencies. What I do these days for any topic I’m interested in, is to use another meshverse oriented tool Yahoo Pipes to begin tracking resources so here’s my Yahoo Pipe for China Virtual Currency.



  1. csven said

    Was wondering where you were. Good to see you posting.

    re: Yahoo Pipes, I happened to surf through Elatable yesterday bc of the OpenID news and was reminded of Pipes. I’ve not yet used it and should give it a try.

  2. lr said

    Thanks – I notice we’re having some similar experiences wrt blogging, Twitter etc. … I think things are changing very significantly though it’s not obvious to many … got a chance at last to read Spook Country and I think Gibson describes in part the change … although something change, some remain the same so I’m about where I was last year this time in some key respects

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