Mitch Kapor: Minority Report Interfaces On The Way

As reported last year on the MJ in Getting Inside the Simulation, 3D camera driven interfaces are already available. What Kapor is talking about is widespread adoption

“Look at Minority Report,” Kapor said. “I’m here to say that (technology is) going to be real in the next (few) years.”In fact, he said, he predicted that 3D cameras, which would be built into computers much like regular 2D cameras are today, will be available in as little as 12 months.

Basically, 3D cameras would allow the virtual world software to interpret how users are moving in the real-world and to translate that movement into the software. That could mean, then, that if the user raises his or her hand, so too does their avatar.

Kapor said he wasn’t clear on what the interface would be like, but he suggested it could be based on something like that of the Segway, in which users move their body forward and the Segway goes forward, backward to go backward, and so forth.

“So, if I look to the left in the real world, I just want my avatar to look to the left,” Kapor said. “If I smile, I just want my avatar to smile. The cameras should be good enough to pick that up. I think we’re going to see an amazing jump in the sense of presence.”

Mitch Kapor: 3D cameras will make virtual worlds easier to use | Geek Gestalt – A blog by Daniel Terdiman – CNET

3D is a universal language that will impact all aspects of computing and communications. Just in time for the coming boom 🙂

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