Sensing The Coming Boom

John Robb of Global Guerrillas has put his finger on the power of the emerging sensor cloud as well as the powerful evolving trends in personal fabrication but he doesn’t tie them together via their Chinese connection. Here on the MJ, these all converge in the coming boom and Second Life. Yes, we can say location, location, location.  🙂 There are some excellent videos of Sense Networks CitySense location based service on O’Reilly. The underlying platform Macrosense

… is the world’s first platform capable of collecting and analyzing massive amounts of anonymous, aggregate location data in real-time.

At the heart of Macrosense are powerful machine learning algorithms that process time-stamped location data and metadata streams from heterogeneous sources – GPS, WiFi positioning, cell tower triangulation, RFID and other sensors – and empower companies and investors to better understand and predict human behavior on a macro scale.

Sense Networks

This is very powerful technology so the potential is high for both abuse and empowerment. However, the bottle has been uncorked and there’s no putting it back. See also on the MJ Power to the Prosumer and Location Oriented Software


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