Leveraging Social Networks for Businesses

Facebook has been getting a lot of press but with the Wall Street Journal report that Oprah will interview Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg today,  a significant threshhold has been reached. When a broad segment of the public starts to perceive a technology as suitable for “business” a period of rapid growth typically follows. This shift in perception has been building up over the past two years and is following the same pattern as a long line of technologies like the PC, web browser, and blogs. Now is the time for businesses small and large are trying to learn how to leverage the new technology before they lose out to competitors who got a quicker and/or smarter start.

One good place to begin is Forrester’s blog for their book groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies where you’ll find general guidelines along with specific tips and examples on how to use social tools like Twitter. Experience is the best teacher so I recommend taking a free look at business oriented social networking tools such as Facebook’s Pages, IBM’s LotusLive or Socialcast.

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  1. […] Leveraging Twitter for Business July 29, 2009 Posted by Laurence in Business, Social Networks. trackback ReadWriteWeb has a good review of Twitter’s recently launched Twitter 101 site. The review is short but if you really want to cut to the chase, see their recommended links to best practices and real life case studies. There’s more Twitter-for-business tips on the Groundswell blog which was mentioned here on the MJ recently in Leveraging Social Networks for Businesses. […]

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