This site covers the electronic convergence of people, places, things and events. The augmented reality called the Meshverse emerges from people meeting up(on and offline), stretching the information space of the Web into 3D, connecting everything we make to the internet and bringing it with us every place we attend events. People come first in The Meshverse – it’s social networks that are driving the evolution of electronic technologies. Humans are inherently, biologically, spatially oriented beings and our social context is driven by “location, location, location”. In The Meshverse, geological places mesh with virtual places via GPS, sensors, mesh networking devices and mesh graphics. It’s possible to connect cars, books, pets, clothes – just about any thing you can name to The Meshverse. When people gather together at places, venues real and virtual using The Meshverse, wireless voice, video and other things help them stay connected.

This site is the work of Laurence Rozier



  1. […] Welcome to The Meshverse! Check out the About page and dive in. […]

  2. […] Some might say that “meta” covers everything but that’s exactly the problem – it’s too abstract and doesn’t say anything specific! Mesh on the other hand, is a noun and a verb that conveys the idea of successfully working together. Any team of people can mesh together regardless of whether or not they are technically savvy. The only meta term most people are familar with is metaphysics, but a sense of what it means to mesh is much more widespread. In my view as shown on the About page , Meshverse really works for the people, places, things and events it describes. If you agree, link back to me and let’s get The Meshverse party started! […]

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