Laurence Rozier

Laurence is a thought leader in and developer of media systems. In the late 1970’s Mr. Rozier began participating in the evolution of modern information and media systems beginning with his mission critical work on the first communication satellites launched from the space shuttle. In 1984 the first PC firm he founded launched a pioneering online community called the National Black Computer Network (NBCN). Before the web, Mr. Rozier wrote an innovative hypermedia application called HyperDesk.  Laurence later developed the first  interactive multimedia user-interfaces for PC databases. During the dot-com era as Sr. Vice-President of Technology for the WeTalk Network, Rozier was responsible for designing and implementing Community Catalyst a forerunner of today’s popular social networking sites such as MySpace and FaceBook(see the product brochure here).

Mr. Rozier currently writes about the convergence of media and augmented reality here at The Meshverse Journal. Additional information about Mr. Rozier can be found on his Rhythmeering site.

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