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Virtual Worlds As Disruptive Innovation

This week Mitch Kapor, one of the most influential innovator of the past 30 years, gives the third presentation in a series which is

A comparative look at the origins, development, and impact of major information technology platforms of the past three decades from the perspective of a leading entrepreneur and software designer who has played a major role in each of them.

UC Berkeley School of Information | About – Disruptive Innovations I Have Known and Loved – Part 3: Virtual Worlds

Everyone knows who Bill Gates is and quite a few know who Steve Jobs is, but many people don’t know or are only vaguely familiar with Mitch Kapor who is in some ways more influential than Gates or Jobs. Through his involvement in Firefox, Second Life, EFF and other projects, he has a strong connections with very large communities of social change agents. Last year Mitch spoke about Second Life as a disruptive innovation, but a lot has happened since then and I expect this week’s presentation to be insightful.

Audio Links  for Parts I & II

Disruptive Innovations I Have Known and Loved Part II – The Internet

Disruptive Innovations I Have Known and Loved Part I – The Personal Computer


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Communities and Commerce

One panelist at the recently mentioned Virtual Goods Summit was community guru Amy Jo Kim who I became familiar with during my days at the WeTalk Network. There are some short and sweet excerpts from her book like the following nugget:

To thrive as a twenty-first-century community builder, you’ll want to be on the lookout for opportunities to blur the boundary between the physical and the virtual, because that’s where the action is and where the Net is headed. This could mean bringing existing groups online, facilitating face-to-face meetings among your members, integrating commerce and communications systems, or creating specialized role-playing environments. Whatever you do, remember that the true power of communities—whether on or off the Web—lies in their power to affect people’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and professional lives in a meaningful way.

Community Building on the Web: Epilogue

which viewed another way points to the so-called “experience economy“. This gives insight into how and why communities are becoming a kind of 21st century black gold that is more significant than brands. For more detail check out the following books:

Communities of Commerce: Building Internet Business Communities to Accelerate Growth, Minimize Risk, and Increase Customer Loyalty


Online Communities: Commerce, Community Action, and the Virtual University

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CNN iReport In Second Life: Community Matters


It’s not unlike Facebook, MySpace or any other online community. … CNN instead of going into that[virtual world] and trying to report on it, we’re sort of asking the community, the people who know it best – “you tell us what’s news”

CNN iReport In Second Life

See also, CNN iReport In Second Life: It’s All About Telling Your Story

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