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Although I’m not thrilled with the casting and at times the camera work and dialog border on irritating, I am quite impressed with how Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is weaving the plot and themes from the movie into the present time. Tonite they touched on a topic of major interest to me relating to the meshverse:

We’re all participating in the emerging meshverse, the question is what roles we are willing to play? Will we be food in a spider’s web or will we be co-creators of a more humane planet?

Participating in the Big Simulation

There was even a mention of the concept of the Singularity which long time readers have seen here before more than a few times. While watching, it occurred to me that Twittering comments would probably be a good way to capture thoughts that might turn into a longer post here(or not). I resisted the urge to jump up and get the laptop – it wasn’t that hard 🙂 opting instead to see/feel how it might pan out. As mentioned in my first post of the year, I’ve been re-evaluating this blog and in that context had set up a Twitter account but hadn’t posted anything to it. After thinking about it a bit, I’ve decided to go ahead and and Twitter into the mix here. I have quite a few entries unpublished here because I either

  • wasn’t sure of how valuable/interesting they were
  • didn’t have time to add any context/value to them
  • wasn’t sure how they fit into other themes/topics here and related blogs I write

I’ve decided now that Twitter is probably an effective way to share these things so you may want to start following the MJ Twitter flow.

I should note that my man Csven has been dealing with the same kind of issues:

However, gluing all those pieces together into something coherent and worth the time it’d take to read doesn’t make sense either, especially when the technological landscape – among other things – is so dynamic. I can only imagine how many posts here have been avoided because they attempted to cover too much ground and overwhelmed people. They’re too long. Not just for readers to digest, but for me to produce.


and his approach help nudge me to shift gears. I think an increasing number of people will feel more and more these subtle and sometimes not so subtle transitions as we hurtle towards the Singularity. It’s likely we’ll see many more and at a faster pace too. If you missed it, Connecting the Dots might help in navigating the transition.


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William Gibson on the Meshverse?

In his latest novel, William Gibson weaves a story around the very meshverse like notion locative art. He refers to it as “ubiquitous computing” in a Rolling Stone interview I found at Node Magazine » Blog Archive » William Gibson on Ubiquitous Computing in Rolling Stone

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Holiday Giving and the Coming Boom

Do you remember when you first heard about buying books online or sending e-cards? How about when you first gave or received one? For many of you that was a decade ago so you’ve already witnessed a surprising boom whose footprints were first heard during holiday season. Listen closely and you’ll hear the coming boom in virtual property during this years holiday season as more and more people by virtual gifts in virtual worlds:

You don’t wrap these presents in a box. You can’t wear them, play with them or show them off, at least not in the real world.

Even so, virtual gifts — computer-generated items given and displayed online — are quickly becoming must-haves. And increasingly, people are willing to pay cold, hard, real-life cash to purchase them for friends, family and co-workers.

…Since they were introduced in February, Facebook says its users have purchased more than 24 million of these dollar items, which are sold in limited editions to generate more interest. …

The ease of giving a virtual gift is definitely part of the attraction, he says.

“A few clicks and it’s done. No worries about FedEx or the post office getting it there on time,” Roberts says.

… In a sense, these gifts are supplanting electronic cards, online greetings that are waning in popularity, according to Internet watchers. People are becoming more willing to pay for something you can’t touch or hold in your hand. …

The novelty is driving the market for virtual gifts and goods. So is the frenzy to gain status on social networking and virtual world sites, says Robbie Blinkoff, an anthropologist who studies online trends.

“There’s a lot of money to be made,” says Blinkoff, managing director of Context-Based Research Group in Baltimore. …

“It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that it’s not real because it’s digital. But we have plenty of digital items that have value,” says Jeska Dzwigalski, who works in community and product development for Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life. “Have you ever bought a song on iTunes? Have you ever paid for software?”

… Steve Auerbach, a dad in the Los Angeles area, says he’s realized that the virtual world isn’t something to fear. … “So much of our world is intangible now. (Giving a virtual gift) is still about the act of giving and receiving,”

Associated Press: Are Virtual Gifts Worth It?

As in the early days of Amazon, there are of course many skeptics who are saying it’s just a passing fad, that there just isn’t a replacement for the tangible gift … and real presents will make a comeback. However the coming boom has been mentioned in many posts here since the summer and in the first of these I noted the trends “connecting the tangible world of consumers, manufacturers, suppliers, and engineers with the virtual world.”. The foundations for this boom have been evolving for some time as the ever-increasing capabilities of 3d-printing bring a new level of empowerment to prosumers.

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2008 – The Year of Machinima

Over at GriotVision I talk about how machinima will break out next year as a prelude to the mega-3D films that will start rolling out in 2009. This will be a significant milestone for the meshverse so here are some related links:

Machinima Mesh

Movie Mesh

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