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Chickenfoot Mesh: Reactivating Node 0

As hinted at on the Node 3 page, Node 0 is being reactivated. Since the birth of the new Meshverse Journal, posts here at automatically show up at Node 1 via RSS. Now, using the power of Chickenfoot, posts are replicated on Node 0 as well. Eventually the replication will work between all nodes so so any activity at any node will show up everywhere. There will be different flavors of The Meshverse Journal – Ning, PeopleAggregator, WordPress, Second Life, Croquet etc. all presenting the same content so you can pick whatever works best for you. This evolution has very powerful economic and technical implications. I’d love to explore them in depth here but my focus is currently on implementation and this is just a small step along the way – there’s a lot more to get done. As pieces get done, I’ll be using the MJ to incrementally talk about what’s going on. In the meantime, you can dig through previous posts to see how it is directly related to the genie that got out of the bottle I mentioned just over a year ago as well as the coming boom. Whether you’re a developer or a savvy, but non-programming netizen, you should find jolt of empowerment in the automation features of Chickenfoot that let you “rewrite the web”. It is after all, your computer so you ought to be able to cook up any mash/mesh you like!


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